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What to Know About Hiring Probate Attorneys

A lot of people want to leave a legacy behind. Unfortunately, some don’t think that they will be leaving anything worthwhile. According to, 30% of those who don’t have a valid will feel that way. Probate attorneys can help, but here are some things to know about hiring them.

They Can Help in a Lot of Ways

One of the best reasons to hire probate attorneys is to help you get access to the estate of the deceased a lot faster. They can reduce the time it takes to do the process from 24 months to as few as three months, as seen by our team. That’ll reduce a lot of stress among family members. When it comes to wills and estates, there can be a lot of infighting and conflict. An estate attorney can keep that to a minimum and prevent any power grabs by a particular family member. This is another way that they can smooth out the process and keep anyone from possibly dragging it out.

They Protect the Estate From Legal Claims

Any attorney you hire will have one other specific mission: protect the estate from any claims against it from other parties. Let’s say that someone wasn’t included in the will, and they feel that they should have been. The attorney will be a party that is fighting for the people already on the will, so that can speed matters along.

They Will Keep Your Paperwork and Finances Organized

There are several other things that they can do. They will make sure that all the paperwork has been properly done and submitted. They will resolve all debts and keep the estate from being rejected by the probate court. Most of all, they can help you save money, since the probate court can be very convoluted, and you don’t want to make a mistake and wind up having to pay more than you should have.

Dealing with things like wills and the handling of estates can be very emotional. There can be a lot of friction, and things can get heated. Having a member of the law there can help soothe tempers and get things back on track. That peace of mind will be worth it. Are you looking for probate attorneys in your area? We’re a firm that does all sorts of estate planning, elder law, and living wills. Contact Ketlinski Law Office, PLLC today to learn more.