Elder Law

Elder law is an area of law that is very specialized and also very important. It covers many different practice areas including estate planning, asset protection, Medicaid planning, Veterans benefits and more. The goal with Elder Law is to help seniors protect their assets and make a plan for their future. Allowing seniors to remain independent as long as possible and protecting assets from the high cost of nursing home care is part of this expansive area of law. At Ketlinski Law we are here to help you plan to protect assets and when necessary obtain the assistance of Medicaid.

A large percentage of people eventually find themselves in a nursing home. Nursing homes are very expensive and the cost may not be covered by Medicaid. Many families are faced with a large financial burden when covering prolonged nursing home stay. This is where Ketlinski Law can help, with our experience and training in Elder Law we know how to get the assistance you need from Medicaid without burning through all of your assets. We are able to help in Medicaid crisis situations and through advanced planning.

Planning how to handle assets in regards to Medicaid is a tricky process with lots of strictly enforced laws. Simply transferring assets to loved ones to qualify for Medicaid is not a real option and can affect your eligibility for the duration of the “look-back” period. Ketlinski Law knows the ins and outs of Medicaid laws and can help find the best solution to qualify for Medicaid benefits and retain your personal assets.

Planning for these situations is not always practical and dealing with Medicaid crisis is just another facet of Elder law. Whether you have been told you have too much income from your pension or social security or too many assets to qualify for Medicaid there are still courses of action to help. Medicaid crisis can be scary and stressful but you do have options. Social workers, nursing home intake staff and other professionals are often uninformed or misinformed. Ketlinski law is well versed on the nuances and constantly changing Medicaid laws. We can help create a plan for you ahead of time or in a Medicaid crisis to get the benefits you or your loved ones need.

Ketlinski Law is experienced, well versed and ready to help you with all facets of Elder Law.