5 Questions to Ask at Your Next Estate Planning Consultation

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What will happen to your estate after you’re gone? It can be difficult to ask yourself this question, but planning for the future is the best thing you can do for your loved ones. According to Legal Zoom, over 40% of young adults don’t know what’s written in their parents’ wills. Don’t let your family wonder about your wishes. Ask these questions when you talk to estate planning attorneys to ensure that you’re prepared for the future.

1. What’s Included in an Estate Plan?

Don’t make assumptions about what is and isn’t included in an estate plan. Check with your attorneys to confirm that your plan includes important documents. The documents that should be a part of your estate plan include a will, a living will, and power of attorney. If you have minor children, your plan should also include guardianship documents.

2. Do You Handle Probate?

When a will is contested, probate courts must approve the documents before dividing assets. Ideally, your estate planning lawyer should include probate in their practice. Working with an attorney familiar with probate proceedings can prevent your assets from being tied up in court.

3. How Will You Keep My Estate Plan Current?

Many people begin working with estate planning attorneys when they’re still fairly young. Your assets may change over time. Confirm that your lawyer can adapt to these changes and update your documents as needed.

4. Who Will Execute My Estate Plan?

The executor of an estate is the person who will carry out the wishes you’ve outlined in your will and other documents. Talk with your attorneys about how your plan will be executed. Don’t be afraid to ask them tough questions about what the estate process will look like.

5. How Will My Estate Be Taxed?

Creating an estate plan helps ensure that your wishes are honored after you’re gone. That’s why it’s wise to talk with your attorney about how taxes will affect your plan. While there’s no federal inheritance tax in the United States, some states have estate and inheritance taxes. Ask your attorney about these taxes and any taxes associated with real estate transfers.

Working with estate planning attorneys can give you peace of mind, especially if you ask the right questions. It can be hard to think about what will happen after you pass away, but tackling these problems while you’re still here is worthwhile. Contact Ketlinksi Law Office, PLLC today to schedule an estate planning consultation.