How to Talk to Loved Ones About Estate Planning

Talking to a loved one about estate planning can be a challenging and emotional topic. Many people don’t like to discuss the topic of a loved one’s mortality, but it’s essential to ensure that your loved one’s estate is handled exactly how they would like. Follow these tips and tricks when discussing this topic.

Pick a Time and Place

There’s a time and place for everything. Taking your loved one to an estate planning lawyer and expecting them to be open to the conversation immediately is not the way to do that. Instead, choose an ideal time, such as mid-afternoon. This should be a private conversation, not one held in a restaurant or at a family get-together. Consider meeting with a family member at their home for brunch to discuss that it’s time to start estate planning.

Always Show Compassion

Talking about estate planning forces someone to confront their own mortality. This can be challenging and upsetting for anyone who has not yet faced this inevitable fact. Because of that, it’s essential always to show compassion. Be considerate if a loved one is not ready to discuss the topic, and ensure you work with a compassionate estate planning lawyer. You don’t want this to be an upsetting time.

Don’t Mention Inheritance

When planning an estate with a loved one, asking about your or other people’s inheritance can be tempting. You may want to discuss the details of that and give your opinions. However, it’s important to remember that this should be your loved one’s decision. Instead of asking about inheritances, encourage them to sit with an experienced attorney or unbiased party to discuss them.

Outline Its Importance

Instead, it’s essential to focus on how important estate planning is. Remind your loved one that everyone should take the time to plan their estate properly. This applies to everyone of every age because we never know what will happen. Proper planning can instantly resolve family disputes long before they happen. Mention statistics to show them the importance. For example, according to LegalZoom, 77% of American adults believe that estate planning is important for everyone, regardless of their wealth.

Working with an estate planning lawyer can help you learn how to broach this topic with a loved one. We have a team of dedicated, compassionate professionals that will work with you and your loved one. Contact us at Ketlinski Law Office, PLLC if you need help discussing this delicate topic.